5 Qualities The Most Stylish People Tend to Have

5 Qualities The Most Stylish People Tend to Have

Anyone with a credit card can stroll into a mall and emerge looking like a Diva with a capital D — but is that really what makes for a stylish persona? In fact only a handful of people can really pull off different looks and be considered iconic in terms of fashion.

Also, keeping up with the ever-changing fashion trends is not only exhausting but you could go broke as well! (We all have our bills to pay…gahhh!!)

Do not despair. You can ooze oodles of style and look enviable without being covered in labels from head-to-toe.

Here’s a low-down on the top 5 habits of truly stylish people in the fashion industry

  1. They do not browse through fashion blogs and copy *exactly*what they see

These days fashion blogs have become our go to for style inspiration. We spend a major part of our day (and night!) stalking insta feeds, pinterest et al. However it is not a great idea to emulate and blindly splurge on the same labels. Thanks to their humongous following, bloggers and street style insta stars are sent stuff by designers to lure us into buying their designer pieces. Others belong to the creme de la creme affluent circles…have money will spend!!

Moreover, you really don’t want to be a second rate version of someone else when you can put your own personal spin to it. To be truly stylish you got to stop being a copycat (meow!), play to your strengths and be the best and most unique version of yourself!

As much as we’d love a wardrobe full of designer labels, most of us really can’t swing a new closet every season. Seek out and invest in pieces that are budget-friendly and have similar if not the same vibe and feel. Thank god for the plenty of affordable stores and sites with hidden shopping gems and darn if you’re lucky you’d end up shelling out a fraction of the cost of their designer counterparts.


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  1. Always incorporate the ‘third piece’

If the truly genuine style icons could give you one advice, it would be to include a 3rd element to your outfit – a vest, jacket, blazer or any far-out, offbeat accessory. The idea is to give your regular outfit an extra dose of spunk and spiff. It will amp up your style cred, make your outfit much more interesting and would earn you extra cool points for putting in more effort to your look.
So go forth and obsess over the third piece.

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  1. Creating new outfit combinations

Evening dress & sneakers? Sport luxe wear with peep-toe booties & heels? Shorts & blazers? A jacket worn around your shoulders, waist or simply hanging on the side…phew! Unconventional combinations can take any outfit to a level beyond the ordinary and sometimes being a risk-taker can set you apart from the crowd. Allow yourself to have fun with fashion and wear what makes you feel awesome!

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4. Never ever getting dressed to be considered stylish

Before all the hype around fashion weeks, red carpet looks and celebrity/street style, women dressed for themselves; using fashion to accentuate their best features, stepping out bold and confident. Not slaving over fashion trends and being comfortable in your own skin will always be in vogue! Ditch the heels and put on those sneakers with your midi dress and rubywoo. Own your style like a boss!


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  1. Making cute and catchy props their Instagram allies

Instagram styling is all the rage right now and the right kind of props can help you bring your A game! Stylish people do not hesitate to experiment with different elements and in doing so they curate an enviable feed which is alive with stories. Go on and play with whimsical elements, adding details and quirks that convey your mood and let your personality shine through.

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