7 Fashion Mistakes Every Girl Should Avoid

7 Fashion Mistakes Every Girl Should Avoid

Fashion is a highly individual style statement and we are all allowed to bend the rules to suit our personal style. However there are certain mistakes that even the most fashion-forward are prone to committing and they should be avoided at all costs ‘cuz they can completely ruin even a stellar outfit. Below, find some obvious and not-so-obvious mistakes that you should be on the lookout for as someone who is fashion-conscious!

1. Mixing multiple trends at once: We’re all for the latest trends, but too much is just too much! It’s not that you are being chased by a street style photographer every morning you step out in the hood. Getting all dressed up is totally dope but real swag comes from nailing the right balance. Effortless style wins hands down. It’s important not to look that you’ve tried too hard ‘cuz that’s when your outfit begins to lose its appeal.



2. Too much bling: Head to toe bling is a wardrobe nightmare. Shiny, shimmery and jazzy makes for a cute christmas tree not a stylish diva! A hint of glitter to spruce up your look for dressy occasions hurt nobody but ODing on it can be easily classified as a fashion fail. Never opt for shimmery outfit, bag, shoes all at once. Also, remember to go easy on the make-up while blinging it up!



3. Buying clothes that do not fit: Hey do you wear clothes that are too small ‘cuz wearing the next size up means you have gained some kilos? While the thought might be scary it’s not alright to be in denial because when it comes to style, the right fit is everything. Wearing the wrong size can transform your look from alluring to trashy. Avoid.



4. Investing in shoes you can’t walk in: Never let wrong footwear stomp it’s way into your wardrobe. It’s not a good idea to strut around in ill-fitting shoes that jar with the rest of your look as it won’t be portraying you as the fashionista you’d hoped for. Some looks only work on superstars and models. Ditch them.



  1. Buying clones: Are you a proud owner of more than five of the same striped dresses? And to add to that you also favor some more than the others? Then be proud no more. This is one of the most common fashion mistakes and it’s very crucial to identify and analyse the circumstances that compelled you to purchase these clone outfits. Could be peer pressure, impulsive shopping or special offers (this one’s lethal as you end up piling on more junk to your wardrobe). Whatever be the motive it’s better to wise up and fix this one before you indulge in your next shopping spree!|



6. Over-accessorizing: “Before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory” rightly said Coco Chanel and we’d recommend you to stick to this rule to the T. No matter how trivial accessorizing might seem, it is one of the trickiest grounds to navigate. Your choice of accessories can make or break your OOTD. Choose an envy-inducing piece – a ring, earring, cuffs or neckpiece and let it make all the noise! You needn’t go the extra mile always to elevate your look.



7. Extremely coordinated look: The same color top, pants, heels and every other accessory on your body? Oh no no…that screams a complete fashion disaster! Everyone has a favourite shade but excessive color-matching is such a visual threat, unflattering to the onlookers. Opt for a complementing color-palette instead, pair a bright pop outfit with nude heels to neutralize your look and you’re good to go.


Avoid these fashion faux pas so that you won’t have to look back at your OOTDs and cringe!

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