Immerse yourself in the hues of HUEMN

Immerse yourself in the hues of HUEMN

Quirky, uncluttered and sassy is the style mantra of the label by Pranav Mishra and Shyma Shetty – Huemn. The HUEMN philosophy very vividly portrays the language of our times and its everyday evolution.


Effortless, exciting and ahead of its time is what the brand shows us. It is eccentric, easy wear clothing for the self-assured. It’s amazing how each garment is so fresh and fun and carries a unique identity.


The label, in a very manifesto and extrovert manner, depicts the young, confident and “I am what I am” ideology, not forgetting to add the funky and idiosyncratic style quotient.


The brand is the brainchild of two immensely talented and exorbitantly creative minds, who created this eponymous label which gives a completely contemporary and new feel to clothing and design altogether.



“Fashion is like a fruit, you could not have it a day before, and you could not have it a day after; it’s just about today”, and Huemn is a live example of such a creation which is fresh and pristine. They create garments which pick you for who you are, and not the other way round!


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