Contemporary Fundamentals with Outhouse Jewellery

Contemporary Fundamentals with Outhouse Jewellery

Nothing embarks fashion Icon Diane Von Furstenberg’s words ‘Jewelry is like the perfect spice, it always complements what’s already there’ better than an Outhouse piece.


Since the brand’s inception, as recent as 2011, the Grewal sisters, Sasha and Kaabia, have taken the world of baubles by storm! The who’s who of the fashion world garbs, speaks of, reveres and definitely swears by Outhouse Jewelry.


Each of their handcrafted pieces have a story to tell. They enrapture us with their eclectic and inimitable patterns. Their quintessential pieces enrobe a myriad patterns, textures and jewels. From edgy chokers to full-fledged bridal essentials, Outhouse pledges to possess something for everyone.


The brand can easily be credited for evolving Indian Fashion jewelry and placing it at par with Global standards. A homegrown brand has never seen recognition and progression like Outhouse has. The outhouse sisters, as they’re called have created so much of a stir that they have practically created a whole costume jewelry sector in the market and have also made a way for themselves in the Forbes 30 under 30 list. They really have come a long way with their ability to add a unique avant-garde vibe to any outfit, thus elevating the overall look of the wearer.



Their contemporary pieces with implausible craftsmanship are a sure shot conversation starter for being absolutely unorthodox. Enthused by nature and fluidity, Outhouse has unquestionably carved a niche for itself and are certainly here to stay.


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