For the love of embellished indulgence, adorn Label Kashmiraa

For the love of embellished indulgence, adorn Label Kashmiraa

Kashmiraa – a brand that has beckoned itself to be synonymous with eloquence and personality. The designs are melting pot of the best of global craftsmanship. Be it, easy breezy summer outfits, alfresco brunches or elegant evening wear, Kashmiraa’s pieces have something for everyone.


The versatility of these pieces is truly what sets them apart! One would see an array of skills ranging from French knots to waist cinching crafted ever so strikingly through the use of remarkable rich floral appliques and metallic textures adding depth to an already eye-catching piece.


These vivid patterns find themselves elegantly weaved through a multitude of styles ranging from neoprene gowns to lightweight splayed skirts, textured asymmetrical dresses, sharp couturier blazers and crop tops  which only add to a woman’s spectacular silhouette. Her eye for detail doesn’t just reflect in the posy bouquet-Esque embellishments but also extends itself to the fit, tailoring and quality the outfits carry. Each piece is handpicked, hand-cut and hand-worked upon, ensuring each outfit has its own tailor weaved story behind it. It’s a rarity to come across patterns that are so uniquely perennial in nature!


Owing her roots to a strong business management background, Kashmiraa Gandhi understands the significance of wearibility.  She is a believer of the element that “minute details can lift the soul and touch the hearts of true Fashionistas”, which is a reckoning quality of her brand.




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