MOGACHEA – A modern take on a timeless aesthetic

MOGACHEA – A modern take on a timeless aesthetic

MOGACHEA translates to “beloved” in Konkani and in conjuring cool, contemporary pieces with exactly the requisite amount of love and polish, it holds true to its name.


There are many reasons to adore stylist Tanya Fadte – the mind, soul and heart behind this eponymous label, but right now we’re focused on one: she really knows how to work effortless and uncomplicated pieces.


Tanya always aspired to do a collection that went back to where she started and where she came from, so she drew on her heritage to create intricate designs, exquisite embroidery and relaxed silhouettes – so so Goa!!


The collection is inherently chic and daringly conceptual and once you put on a Mogachea piece, you’ll discover it is also easy breezy with a free-spirited aesthetic. These artisanal pieces are high on the wishlists of the women of today who treasure individuality. The ones who march to the beat of their own drum, opting for hand-dyed, hand-woven, light-weight fabrics because they love the feminine flowy feel of it, not because anyone else dictates that it’s the way to dress now.


Texture plays a huge role while creating ensembles at Mogachea where the local weavers and block printing artisans relentlessly weave magic using natural fabrics like khadi, malkha and organic cottons that bring the look to life – a look that works year round regardless of current obsessions.

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