So.Sonam – A Spirited Ballet

So.Sonam – A Spirited Ballet

Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins, is no less personified than Sonam Parmar Jhawar herself. A girl whose sparkling personality coupled with her interminable love for cheery colours has created an almost a label so cherubic, that we are always left asking for more.



So.Sonam, this eponymously named fashion label is set to take the world of wedding fashion by storm while making your hearts flutter with glee owing to the playful, celebratory embroidery they capture and the equally happy colour schemes they come in.




Sonam Parmar Jhawar, the exultant young girl that she is, surely extends every ounce of her perky, fun loving personality into each of her creations, thus creating outfits which are laden with fluttering butterflies, ornate flowers, sequin clusters and cheery flamingoes. All in all, a recipe to make a statement piece that is nothing short of a head turner.




Sonam doesn’t just limit her patterns to Indian wear, her label boasts a plethora of outfits ranging from sequinned blazers to beach cover-ups – in the most stunning and tasteful prints. These are all pieces that will make you reach out for them over and over again, simply because of the extremely high wearability each garment has. Her label has something for everyone, if you rummage through her various collections, you’ll find a treasure trove of structured blazers, peplum jackets, detachable floosy panels ensuring your look is far from brassily lackluster but is so sophisticatedly chic!




So.Sonam, specialises in bespoke pieces which are guaranteed to brighten the festivities and uplift your spirits to create an environment of both grandeur and celebration! You know a So.Sonam creation when you see one, because they all come with the promise of being wearable statement pieces, which maintain comfort and functionality.




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